You read books with your child...but are you wondering what to do in maths...

Your child knows how to count, they can recognise numbers but...


What maths do they even learn in the first year of school?!
A 10 part program designed to help YOU and your CHILD build confidence in maths at home.

Number Doctors:
School Starter Course

Know exactly how to help your child in maths

I've created this course just for YOU!

Because you want to support your child to succeed in school from the start!

You're not looking to create a child genius... you just want to be confident they know enough to do well in school...
I'm going to teach you what, as a parent, you need to know about maths in your child's first year of school.

I will show you the skills children who succeed in maths need to develop and...

I will teach you games to help your child develop these skills (because research shows children learn SUPER fast when they are playing games)
This course is a behind the scenes look at the exact strategies and games I have used to teach my own children at home, not to mention, hundreds of students in my classroom.

My goal is to help you know a little (not a lot...because that is the teacher's role) about maths in the first year of school, so you can support your child at home!

This is a course for parents ready to take action, ready to commit to spending 10 minutes uninterrupted time to learn new games and PLAY with their child 3-5 times per week.

I have years of teaching, parenting and research experience under my belt, and now I'm wanting to share it all with you and your family
Everything about this course is the highest quality- the resources, the activities, and Ange's explanations-this will help so many children get ready for school.
I didn't even know what subitising was until I watched the Week 2 Number Doctors video. I am learning as much as my son! It is so much fun.
The best thing is it guides parents through an inquiry into each skill and develops your knowledge of not only the maths concept, but how to teach it.
Resource kit delivered
Everything you need for each game: flashcards, dice, counters, blocks is sent to your house!
Learn from experts
I have 4 children and a PhD in Maths Education- I know my stuff!
Learn Together
If you have any questions you can easily contact me via email FB or Instagram and I can provide advice related to your child's development throughout the course

In case we haven't met...

My name is Dr Ange Rogers. I have 4 children and I am very passionate about improving the teaching and learning of mathematics in Australia.
Fifteen years ago I started my career as a Primary School Teacher. I enjoyed every moment I spent working in classrooms with students, but I particularly loved teaching mathematics. Whilst on maternity leave with my first daughter I decided to begin a PhD in Mathematics Education. In 2014 I completed my PhD and have now taken up a part-time position as a University Lecturer for pre-service teachers at RMIT University. I LOVE teaching and researching mathematics and want to help parents know exactly how to help their children in maths at home.

Interested? Keep reading for all the details...

Here's how it works...

Step 1

Enrol online and gain immediate access to our secure online portal. Each week for 10 weeks we will release a new video for you to view (if you are on holidays or are just not ready to move on to the new concept, just leave the video- you will be able to access whenever you choose).

Step 2

When you enrol, we send your Number Doctors kit to your house. In the kit are all the flashcards, counters, dice and resources you need to play the games we teach you in the videos. The resources are all of the highest quality and can be used over and over again!

Step 3

Each week (or whenever you are ready) login to the Number Doctors portal and watch a new video. Each video is no longer than 10 minutes and includes a short explanation of the content and why it is important for your child to learn. We show you how to play the game and then we give you some ideas to make the games harder and easier so you can easily change the games to reflect your child's abilities.

Step 4

After watching the video (many parents like to watch it with their child so they can see the game they will be playing that week), follow the instructions provided in the video and play the game shown for 5-10 minutes, 3-5 times per week with your child. An important part of the program is repeating the same game over and over to consolidate your child's skills- so while you might feel like you have 'done' the game... remember each time you play your child is refining their fluency and understanding of the concepts.


Step 5

Have fun learning and playing maths games alongside your child!  The games are designed to be played all through your child's Foundation year. So just like you complete the reader each night, you can also play these games again and again to consolidate the skills they are developing in the classroom.

You will feel confident your child is ready for school maths!

So, let's recap what you get when you enrol...

Resource Kit sent to you

Unlimited access to 10 part video sequence

Access to help from Dr Ange

My intention is to make learning maths EASY, FUN and SUCCESSFUL for you and your child.

This course empowers you and your child to learn maths together
All this for...$190

This course is perfect for you if....

You want to know what maths your child will learn at school 
It has changed a lot since we went to school-thankfully!

You want to support your child's learning at home.
Yay- children whose parents are involved in their education do better at school:)

You want your children to be confident and LOVE maths
Maths requires a positive attitude and growth mindset. Children who develop these have deeper engagement and achievement in maths.

Maths scares you!
You may feel sick when you think of maths- well this course will change the way you look at maths and help you give maths a makeover in your house!

You love sitting down and spending quality time with your child.
All parents are super busy, but sitting down and spending just 10 minutes of uninterrupted time playing an "old school" technology-free game with your child is good for everyone. Game play develops co-operation, communication and oral language skills. Plus we send you all the equipment ready to go- easy!

This course is not quite for you if...

You are SUPER busy 
If you are at a point in your life where committing to 10 uninterrupted minutes 3-5 times per week to play maths games with your child is unachievable, its ok, this course is not for you ATM!

You don't want to push your child too hard before school
If your child isn't interested in sitting and playing with you YET and you would rather them be outside exploring, no problems!

You think you are already doing a great job with maths at home.
Yay for you! Keep up the great work!

You would rather outsource to a tutor or learning centre.
No problems! 


30 day Happiness Guarantee

The program it is not designed to replace the teaching that will happen at school, but to support this teaching.

Your child's teachers are the qualified professionals who will guide them through the Foundation curriculum.

But... i've made sure this program has absolutely everything you need to confidently prepare your child for their first year of school from the comfort of your lounge room

However, if you are on the fence and not sure if the program is for you, I'd like you to feel safe knowing that you have my Happiness Guarantee.

If you're not completely satisfied with the course content after 30 days- I'll happily return your investment.

Let me answer all your questions...

This course is designed to INTRODUCE the 10 critical number concepts to your child. Each concept will be fully explored in the classroom with their teacher throughout their Foundation year- this course is just like a fun warm-up!
You have unlimited access to the video content... so you can definitely use this content with siblings in coming years.
Of course... Dr Ange is happy to answer questions you might have about your child's maths development as your complete the course. Ange can be contacted via email or social media.
This course touches on almost all of the Foundation Number curriculum (sharing is the only content not covered).