Perimeter for 4 year olds??

Perimeter is essentially measuring the boundary of a 2D shape (think of a fence).

It is a concept that is focused on in upper Primary School in Australia.

However, I always tell the teachers and parents I work with, just because a concept is not in the curriculum doesn’t mean you are not to talk about!

In fact if we leave concepts like perimeter until Year 5, we may miss many authentic opportunities to discuss it, opportunities that help our children build a picture of what perimeter is (and isn’t).

My motto is: Embrace EVERY teachable moment!

So this week I asked Miss 4 to count how many steps it was around a piece of grass. ATM my focus is more on her counting (because that is where she is at in her development) BUT I mentioned that we were working out the “perimeter” of the shape.

Now, she might not have registered at all what perimeter means (or even counted correctly), but after today, she has heard the word and has an experience she can attach to it… Watch the video here…

So…don’t ever think that your child is too young for a word or an experience in maths.

The don’t have to understand what you are doing or saying, that will come, they just have to experience it… because through experience comes clarity!

This week I encourage you to introduce the word perimeter to your child… just informally…

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Dr Ange🎓🎲