Maths, Paint and Cardinality…

This week we decided to do some painting. Now painting is something that doesn’t happen often in my house, mainly because it is hard to keep Mr 1 out of the paint.😌

But Miss 4 has been painting at kinder and asking if she can ‘practice’ at home, so I set up a painting station for her.🎨

She had lots of fun showing me her skills and, me being me, I decided to include a little counting☺

So, I drew some animals and asked her to trace them with the paint.

Miss 3 loved the fact she was painting and hardly noticed that she was counting. Again, she was working on her one to one correspondence and cardinality.💪

One to one correspondance is knowing that when we say a number we must “attach” it to one (and only one)  item. It can take many experiences at counting in different contexts for a child to master this skill.

Cardinality is understanding that the last number we say when we count a collection indicates the total number of objects in the collection. Again, this skill takes a long time for children to grasp… it is really important to ask your child “so how many were there?” after they count. If they tell you the last number (even if they miscounted) they are getting the idea of cardinality.

If they feel the need to count ALL the objects again… they are still working on cardinality…(don’t worry this is completely normal for 3, 4 and even 5 year olds). Just keep giving them opportunities to count!!

Counting seems so easy for us, as adults, but when you break it down there are MANY moving parts to co-ordinate!

Check out this week’s video… where we are working on both these skills.

So, this week I invite you to get the paint out… or if you don’t feel like paint… you could do the same activity with textas, crayons or pencils (and avoid the paint clean up🤣)

Have a great week and remember for many more practical ways to have “maths fun at home” sign up to our weekly newsletter here.

Dr Ange🎓🎲