We are passionate about passing on our love of maths to teachers, parents and students.
Bern and I have known each other for a long time- in fact Bern is my aunty so our
association began the day I was born! Fast forward 20+ years, by coincidence we worked
together at the same school in Melbourne and it became obvious that we both loved
teaching maths. Since then we have both completed a Masters of Education and then a PhD
in Maths Education. It is safe to say we LOVE teaching and researching maths!
In 2012 we began a business together providing Maths Professional Development for
schools. At these sessions we were often encouraging teachers to create strong home-school
links in maths by involving parents wherever they could. This became a shared passion as
our own children moved through Primary school. We constantly observed the feeling of
helplessness many of our fellow parents felt- they wanted to help their child in maths but did
not know where to start.
We decided we were perfectly placed to help link parents and schools- we had the passion
for maths, a deep knowledge of research, experience in classrooms and a first hand
appreciation of the busy life of parents. In 2017 we came up with the concept of Number
Doctors and launched our first online course in mid 2018. The business has taken a lot of
work to set up, but our passion has never waned- our dream is for maths to become a
regular focus in every household, just like the nightly reader and we will continue to work
hard to ensure this happens.

Caregivers and educators can help instill a love of mathematics that may lead children not only to mathematics achievement today but also towards a STEM career tomorrow

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