Maths + Tree = Location Fun

Location is one area of maths that includes a lot of vocabulary. At 3 and 4 years of age, most children are just getting the hang of vocabulary in general…so throw in a maths context where words can mean something completely different and it is no wonder young children struggle. Just the other day I […]

Counting Ducks…

The great thing about counting is it has SO many applications. I love finding new places to walk and explore with the children. This week we went to a lovely pond not for from our house and to the excitement of Miss 4 there were ducks! Sometimes you forget how little things (like ducks) can […]

Bluey Maths

Bluey is my favourite children’s TV show (and quite possibly favourite show, full stop). It is an Australian animated show that illustrates family life in the most beautiful way. The characters- adults and children- speak to each other with love, respect, humour and a sense of fun, and it is honestly a pleasure to watch […]

Number Recognition with 3 and 4 year olds- My iPad Passcode

“What age should my child recognise numbers?” is a question i get asked a lot! The things most parents remember about early maths is completing “sums” and to do this they need to recognise numbers- so that’s where many parents start. And while these are an important parts of maths… there are so many more […]

Welcome to Our House- Finding the Maths Moments

Maths Moments happen in my house every day! But, I am aware that not everyone sees the maths in everything like I do😊 So I have decided to write a weekly blog sharing one of the Maths Moments Miss 4 and I experience during our week! I am hoping that through watching our little “maths […]