Number Recognition with 3 and 4 year olds- My iPad Passcode

“What age should my child recognise numbers?” is a question i get asked a lot!

The things most parents remember about early maths is completing “sums” and to do this they need to recognise numbers- so that’s where many parents start. And while these are an important parts of maths… there are so many more interesting and fun “mathsy” things you can do at home to get your child engaged in maths😎.

So, my goal with these blog posts is to show you some simple, easy, quick and fun ways to incorporate maths into your daily life.🙌

Did you know that if you spend just 2 minutes sharing a “maths moment” with your child every day, by the time they start school they will have done over 60 hours of incidental maths! 👏

Believe me, that will make a huge difference in your child’s achievement and attitude to maths.💪

This week’s video is a quick one related to “Number Recognition”. And yes, you guessed it Number Recognition… is….drumroll… recognising numbers!

Its amazing, how all of a sudden, a light bulb goes on and children seem to ‘see’ something they hadn’t noticed before.💡

Well this week, it was numbers. 😊

I think it all started because Miss 3 wanted to use the iPad, but it was locked with a passcode. 😌

She had seen her sisters unlock the iPad and wanted to be able to do the same (probably to watch an episode of our favourite Bluey!).

I had set the passcode at something I wouldn’t forget (444444) and suddenly she was asking “Mum can you show me what 4 looks like?”

Then she began to recognise the digit 4 everywhere… on letterboxes… on the TV remote…and as you will see in this video… on the blender…😁

So, this week I encourage you to look around to see where there are the single digit (0-9) numbers around your house. Point them out to your child. Maybe go on a number search…

You might like to change your iPad passcode to see if they suddenly show an interest in recognising numbers 🤣

If you are wondering how to change the passcode on an iPad/iPhone…

Go to settings

Go to Touch ID and Passcode

Enter your current passcode

Click Change passcode


Have a great week and remember for many more practical ways to have “maths fun at home” sign up to our weekly newsletter here.

Dr Ange🎓🎲