Maths + Tree = Location Fun

Location is one area of maths that includes a lot of vocabulary. At 3 and 4 years of age, most children are just getting the hang of vocabulary in general…so throw in a maths context where words can mean something completely different and it is no wonder young children struggle.

Just the other day I said to Miss 4 “You too” meaning “you can hop in the bath as well”… she replied “mum I’m 4!” It took me a minute to work out what she meant… then I realised…

she thought I said “You (are) Two”🤣

“Too” and “Two” are exactly the same in her world… she can’t read (YET) so the only way she can work out the difference is the context of the sentence.

Now that is challenging!

As with any concept.. the more contexts you use/apply tricky words in, the better.

With that in mind, this week we looked at some location words. Location is important in a maths context as forms the basis of giving and following directions, reading maps and even coding. I used these words in relation to the tree… around, next to, behind and in front.

This took 2 minutes but was a simple, fun way to get her outside and thinking about maths words in context!

I basically called out words, like around, in front, behind and next to and Miss 4 had to follow my directions. You can see the video here.

So this week I encourage you to find a tree and give some of these instructions a go… we even swapped so Miss 4 gave the directions and I had to follow which was fun too! To see other tree related maths ideas check out this blog about leaves.

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Dr Ange🎓🎲