Maths and Fairy Tales

This week Miss 4 has developed a love of Fairy Tales. The 3 little bears, The 3 little pigs, The 3 Billy Goats gruff… I think it is the good vs evil that she loves.🤷‍♀️

Anyway, as always, I have been trying find Maths Moments within the things she is interested.

As we have been reading these books I have noticed several things:

The fact that there is 3 in a lot of these stories… 3 bears etc… so this is really great way to get your child familiar with the number 3.👌

Another thing we have using is the language of comparison. So, we have been using vocabulary like:

Little, Medium, Big Billy goat gruff

Big, Medium, Little Bear beds/chairs

We have also talked ordinal number

First/Second/Third little pig

This week’s video is us reading a Fairy Tale.

This week I encourage you to read some Fairy Tales with your child, and take a moment to point out and discuss some of the incidental maths involved.

Have a great week and remember for many more practical ways to have “maths fun at home” sign up to our weekly newsletter here.

Dr Ange🎓🎲