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1. I am aware that I cannot send/copy or use the videos or resources in the Number Doctors Kit for anything other than individual tuition of my child.

2. If you are not satisfied with the product a full refund will be provided upon return of the complete Number Doctors Kit in working order, no questions asked.

3. The Number Doctors are not liable for any injuries that occur from using their resources.

4. We post the Number Doctors kit out using Standard postage with tracking. The kit will be sent within 48 hours of your order being placed.

5. Postage is included in the Subscription price. Australian Residents only.

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For whom are the Number Doctors courses designed ?

The Number Doctors courses are designed for parents who are  super keen to support their children, willing to put in a little bit of time and wanting guidance on what to work on. Essentially we will show you what will most help your child in mathematics.
In setting up Number Doctors we have integrated our considerable experience in mathematics education with the fact we each have three children and know all too well the struggles of juggling life with kids! We know how hard it is to fit after school activities, dinner, bath, reading and maths in with kids. We understand that too often maths gets pushed aside, simply because parents don’t know what to do-that’s where Number Doctors can help!

How many hours do the courses take ?
We have produced enjoyable courses that have everything prepared, are easy to follow, only take 5-10 minutes a day and focus on the “important stuff”(based on mathematics education research and our extensive experience in classrooms). Each course runs for 10 weeks, but there is no expiry on the content- so you can access it for as long as you want!
Do I have to buy any resources ?
At the beginning of the course you will be sent via “snail mail” a kit that has all the resources you need for the 10 weeks prepared and ready to go. This means you don’t have to go searching for a dice or making flash cards- we will send it all to you! 
What is in each weekly video ?
We will explain each activity, show you how to use the relevant resources we send you in the kit and provide you with questions you can ask your child. We will also provide you with ideas for making the activity easier or more difficult to suit your child’s individual needs. 
Can I share the videos ?
No. Videos are accessed only through your members area and are not downloadable.  Videos are linked with your account and contain information about your progress during the course.
For what year levels are the courses suitable ?
At the moment we have released our School Starter Course. In 2019 we hope to be releasing courses for other year levels. The School Starter course is suitable for students who are in Pre-School or students currently in their first year of school (4-6 year olds)
How do I know if my child is ready for the School Starter course?
If you child can recite the numbers 1-10, recognise the numbers 0-10 and count a collection of 10 objects they are considered ready for our School Starter Course.
How do you know these activities help?
The activities we have chosen are based on research, our own experience as parents and as teachers. We know they help because we have tried them many times over.
My child isn't struggling with maths - do I need this course?
The Number Doctors programs are designed for children of all stages and abilities. You might think “My child can count to 100 and they haven’t even started school, so they don’t need the Number Doctors”. Rest assured we know all the essential skills in mathematics. These are not necessarily concepts you are familiar with, for example subitising and part-part whole knowledge are critical skills that very few parents are familiar with. So we feel very confident that every child will benefit from the course not matter their ability.
Is the course differentiated to my child's individual needs?
Each week the video will show you how to make the activity harder/easier to suit your child’s needs- we have included resources to support children who are more advanced in the kits. This means the course doesn’t end after 10 weeks- you can continue the activities using the more challenging resources when your child is ready to move on.
Will these activities support what my child is doing in school?
Definitely, all the activities are based around the concepts we show teachers through our professional development programs. So while the activities may not be exactly what your child is presently doing at school, the language, concepts and resources we use are best practice in current mathematics education and so will support your child’s learning.
What if the course does not work for my child?
If the course does not work for your child, you can send back the kit and have a full money back guarantee-no questions asked.


My child is exhausted after school/Pre-school - when should I do the course?
We know what it is like to have kids who are tired and grumpy after a long day at school or pre-school. Our advice is to complete the course (if you can) for 5-10 minutes before school/pre-school. This is the time of the day that the children are freshest and you will get the most out of them. That said, we know this won’t work for everyone. Another thing you might try is completing 2 of the sessions on the weekend when you and your child are more relaxed.
How do you know these activities help ?
The activities we have chosen are based on research, our own experience as parents and as teachers. We know they help because we have tried them many times over.
Can I repeat the lessons ?
Are there assessments ?
We don't have assessments however, you will be able to judge you child against the child we show in the videos- this child has completed the course and their first year at school and this is the level of understanding and fluency you should be aiming for with your child by the end of their first year of school.
I've lost my resource kit. Can I still complete the lessons ?
Please contact us at info@numberdoctors.com.au and we can organise a replacement kit at a small cost.
For how long does my subscription to a course last ?
There is no expiry on the course at this stage.
Can I automatically upgrade to the next year level ?
Currently only our School Starter course is active so this function is not available. 
I have tried the activity but my child seems totally confused. Does this mean the activity is too hard for him/her?
No not necessarily. Remember your child has not done this activity before, therefore they may be unsure what you are asking them to do. Therefore, initially it is a good idea to model what you want them to do as if you are the child. This allows them to have an idea about what is expected.

Secondly the activity is to be used in various forms for a week, therefore your child will probably find it somewhat challenging. A good idea is to start with small numbers and once they feel confident with the activity slowly increase the numbers.
My child is looking around; she/he does not seem to stay focused?
Concentration is like fitness; we develop it gradually. The time of day that you work with your child is very important. After dinner, while convenient for you, may be difficult for him/her as he/she has had a full day of doing things; pre-school or playing. Also if they are hungry, concentrating can be challenging.
How should I encourage my child to continue working?
If the activities are too hard your child may not seem interested. Children are no different to adults, initial success is important as it encourages them to continue trying. Once they feel success, you can start making the activities more thought-provoking.
As well, at times let your child facilitate the activity and you act as the child. Children love taking on the role as parent or teacher. When you are acting as the child make the occasional mistake and see if your child is able to correct you.
Why have you included activities that have been used in previous weeks but are just using different equipment e.g. counting toys rather than counters?
Transferring knowledge is a difficult skill for young learners. While you recognise the activity as the same, they may not. This is also true with the various subitising recognition activities (dot cards, five frames, dice). Lots of experience with different materials eventually allows the child to transfer the knowledge to any materials.
Why do we need to revise activities that he/she clearly mastered in the earlier sessions?
Coming back to activities ensures the child has retained them in long term memory. Teachers will tell you that information gained from tests given straight after teaching a unit of work do not guarantee the student will still hold that learning 3 months later. As such we as teachers are constantly trying to find innovative ways to revisit previously taught skills to ensure they become part of the student’s long term memory.
Why are the activities based around the numbers 0-10 rather than trying to get my child to be able to count and recognise numbers to 100?
If your child has a thorough understanding of the numbers to firstly 5 then 10 and then later 20 he/she will have strong foundations for his/her future mathematics learning. Many problems that occur in the learning of mathematics in later years stem back to a limited understanding of the numbers 0 to 20.
Once the course is finished what should I do?
You can repeat the activities at different times or use the activities as a template for mathematics in your child’s world. For example, “See that number on the number plate, what is one more than it?” or “Can you count out the knives and forks for dinner?” or “ I need to make sandwiches for you and your sister, can you count out how many pieces of bread I will need?” or “ How many pieces of mandarin are in your mandarin? Try and count them. Here is my mandarin, does your mandarin have more pieces than mine?” etc.

General Questions

What is in the Number Doctors resource kits ?
The contents of each kit varies depending upon the course, however it contains everything you will need to complete the activities in your course. E.g., dice, counters, flashcards.
Shipping and Delivery
We endeavour to ship your kit on the same day you enrol.  If this is not possible, it will be shipped on the next working day. Therefor you should receive your kit within 3 days. You will have immediate access to the online portal when you enrol.
Returns and Guarantee
We guarantee if you are not satisfied with our courses, we will refund your money,

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