Counting Ducks…

The great thing about counting is it has SO many applications.

I love finding new places to walk and explore with the children. This week we went to a lovely pond not for from our house and to the excitement of Miss 4 there were ducks! Sometimes you forget how little things (like ducks) can be the source of much excitement and interest for little people.

I still have fond memories of my nan and pa taking me to “feed the ducks” when I was 4 or 5. Side note: apparently the old bread we were feeding them was NOT good for their insides… so apologies to those ducks:/

Back at the pond, Miss 4 and I watched the ducks paddle around for quite a while. We talked about their webbed feet, their feathers, what they were doing and where they might be going.🦆

Then (of course) I decided to bring some maths into the discussion… “I wonder how many ducks we can count?”

And off Miss 4 went… counting the ducks… Here is the video

Now it wasn’t until we got home, that I realised that Miss 4 hadn’t had many opportunities to count moving objects.

Almost every time I ask her to count something it is a stationary object, like toys, or plates or stairs (see here for my blog about stair counting).

But….counting things that move adds a degree of difficulty!

It really important to count in different contexts and using different materials…

The more contexts they can apply their counting…the better!!

Some of the contexts your child could try are… count

✅items they can move (like counters or pasta)
✅objects they can’t move (like stairs or poles)
✅things that move (like 🦆 or fish in a pond)

So this week, for something different I invite you to ask your child to count something that moves!!

Have a great week and remember for many more practical ways to have “maths fun at home” sign up to our weekly newsletter here.

Dr Ange🎓🎲