Welcome to Our House- Finding the Maths Moments

Maths Moments happen in my house every day! But, I am aware that not everyone sees the maths in everything like I do😊 So I have decided to write a weekly blog sharing one of the Maths Moments Miss 4 and I experience during our week! I am hoping that through watching our little “maths […]

Maths and Fairy Tales

This week Miss 4 has developed a love of Fairy Tales. The 3 little bears, The 3 little pigs, The 3 Billy Goats gruff… I think it is the good vs evil that she loves.🤷‍♀️ Anyway, as always, I have been trying find Maths Moments within the things she is interested. As we have been […]

Maths, Paint and Cardinality…

This week we decided to do some painting. Now painting is something that doesn’t happen often in my house, mainly because it is hard to keep Mr 1 out of the paint.😌 But Miss 4 has been painting at kinder and asking if she can ‘practice’ at home, so I set up a painting station […]

Introducing the clock to 3 and 4 Year olds…

You many be wondering…when is the right “time” (pardon the pun) to introduce the analogue clock to my child?… I say whenever your child shows interest! Currently, my 4 year old has started to show an interest in that “thing on the wall” we all look at… she is interested because of “TV time”… let […]

Perimeter for 4 year olds??

Perimeter is essentially measuring the boundary of a 2D shape (think of a fence). It is a concept that is focused on in upper Primary School in Australia. However, I always tell the teachers and parents I work with, just because a concept is not in the curriculum doesn’t mean you are not to talk […]

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves….

The other day Miss 4 and I collected leaves from our garden. We have been outside a lot lately… read about our experiences with ducks here and trees here. We then sorted and classified the leaves by colour. Here is the video… Next we had a chat about the leaves, I asked: Which pile has the […]