Helping children understand and be able to estimate how much something weighs is a fun and worthwhile skill to explore. In the pantry are items marked with their mass. Your child may know that a packet of rice is 1kg but has your child ever explored what 1 kg feels like? How heavy does it […]

A Great Maths Card Game- “Set”

    In searching for games that promote maths I came across this fantastic card game. The game requires players to classify the cards into SETS of three.  You may choose to classify by shape, color , shading or the number of shapes on the cards you select. This game is perfect for encouraging children […]

4 christmas maths gift ideas for 6-12 year olds

  Yahtzee This dice game encourages children to add numbers and strategise about which combination of dice could possibly give them the highest score. It gives a real context for discussing chance and probability. Your child can also practice developing their Yahtzee skills by playing the free online version here https://cardgames.io/yahtzee/ Monoply  I know this game has […]

Time, Time, Time!

Time is such an important mathematics concept that we need in our daily lives. It is important to give our children lots of experiences understanding how they are going to use time. From a very young age (9 years old)  I was encouraging my boys to tell me what time they thought they needed to […]

Gift Idea- Pattern Blocks

  Pattern Blocks- Great for children to play on their own, with their family or with their friends Every Christmas I tried to buy my children some sort of blocks. I know construction activities are great for getting children to be creative thinkers while also making them problem solvers. Asking themselves how they will make […]